What type of wax does SVN° Candles use?

We use special paraffin-soy (35% paraffin/65% soy) blend for our candles and 100% soy wax for our wax melts.

Isn't paraffin wax harmful? I heard it causes cancer.

That is a myth. Paraffin does not correlate with with causing cancer. However, it can irritate certain allergies, so it is beneficial to know what triggers your allergies if you have them. Here is a link that breaks down more about paraffin used as candle wax 4 Common Candle Myths.

Where do you purchase your supplies?

We purchase all of our supplies from local candle suppliers located in the United States.

What does SVN° mean?

To put it short- SVN° means completion of self. Everything you need, you can get from within yourself.

Can you do bulk or custom orders?

Of course. Please email - svndegreecandles@gmail.com - with the subject of either "bulk order" or "custom order" and can work together to get your order completed.